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You would have to fight your way through an army of Giganticus Lupicus, Liadri on steroids, Scarlet Briar’s ghost, a Marionette and Nova Arterius after a rough night in order to pry these two out of my grabby hands.

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_____ has returned!

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And then, Nova became 900% more cool. 

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Nobody can contain 2-MULT.

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Leveling babies in Bloodtide Coast. :3c 

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Guild Wars 2 Photo Challenge Day 4 (sorry I fell sooooo far behind): Favourite Map

It’s Lion’s Arch. I couldn’t think of a PVE map I loved more than this city, I really couldn’t. Through everything that it has gone through, all the festivals its seen, it remains my favourite even though it’s still in shambles. 

Please have gratuitous amounts of one of my otps because I was too lazy to take new pictures. :’3 

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  • Jennie: I'm going to write you horrible horrible mesmer porn..
  • Me: *_* really--
  • Jennie: when they get more established.
  • Me: buzzkill.
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Commission for “Lucky”, of Lucky and Artemis bein a coupla babes c;

My commission slots are now full, but I’m accepting a waitlist!

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I’m doing it again because I have nothing to do during this 6 week break.

  • Paypal only. Drop me an e-mail and I’ll let you know the details from there
  • I’d really like a detailed as possible reference for your request so please do the best you can
  • No NSFW (sorry)
  • I’m open to more specific/different requests so please don’t be shy let me know.
  • Have fun.

I’m looking forward to this.

\o/ Hey everyone; my friend&guildmate Roii is doing USD commissions! 

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feudal-slayers inquired:

"Do you want to hold my hand?"

"Huh?" Etherie asked under her mask, looking around suddenly at the other sylvari who lingered nearby. She didn’t even hear her approach, this lovely little necromancer with her blue ferns and dark eyes, although maybe it was because she was too absorbed in her thoughts. She idly kicked her boots in the water, quickly looking away under Hack’s dark gaze. 

She shook her head, brambles rustling weakly. “No thank you,” she mumbled into the thick mask, not knowing if Hack could hear her at all. 

Hack slowly approached the nervous ranger, crouching at her side, “…Can I sit with you, then?” she asked, intent on keeping the much smaller sylvari company. 

Etherie glanced over to meet Hack’s stare once more, but saw that she might not have a choice in the matter. The necromancer smiled brightly at her, sitting down and slipping her feet into the pond next to Etherie. She even leaned her head against the ranger’s shoulder guard. 

"It’ll be okay," Hack hummed. 

"…Really?" Etherie asked. 


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bottledfaerie inquired:

"You woke up screaming. I figured breakfast in bed was in order."

Lucien blinked blearily as he fumbled with his glasses and pushed them over his nose. Below his messy bed-swept hair, his ears turned red as he regarded the small elementalist holding a tray of prepared food from his kitchen. She had gone so far as to cut fruit and arrange them around the single egg and thick toast.

"I did?" he croaked, part embarrassed, part saddened. "Sinead, I’m so sorry, you… don’t need to hear that."

Sinead shook her head, not wanting to hear it as she plopped the tray down in his sheet-covered lap and sat on the edge of the bed with a smile, pointing to the cup of coffee steaming  next to the food, cutting off any further apology he wished to sling her way.

"I hope you don’t mind, I noticed you take your coffee black."

Lucien managed a weak smile at the gesture. 

"…Thank you, Sinead."

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arborgoldwine inquired:

"You look like you need cheering up."


Chernka snorted and cocked her head to the right, regarding the male guardian with a rather bitter gaze. She waved a paw through the air dismissively but, in in his fashion, Vitus yanked the stool beside her out from underneath the table and sat. His arms rested heavily on the table top as he leaned on his elbows.

"Don’t flatter yourself with the idea that you could cheer me up, Ironvein.”

"Well, I’d like to think I’ve got the best shot considering your snarling has got the room cleared," Vitus said with a grin. He shrugged his shoulder at the empty Vigil tavern as if to prove his point.

Chernka rolled her eyes but grabbed her mug to finish what was left of its contents. And still, she stared into the insides when it was emptied as if it would make more appear. She shook her head.

"Y’know… sometimes I just wonder if I could’ve done something different. That’s all." The words seemed to fight their way out of her mouth, her fangs clenched tightly as she spoke. Her grip on the mug’s handle tightened until the sound of it splintering could be heard.

And for a moment, only a moment, the female looked incredibly defeated.

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