you’re safe as long as you don’t imagine your otp slow dancing to ‘the way you look tonight’ in their pjs in the kitchen of their new house at 3am with their heads resting on each other’s shoulders if you do imagine that then you’re ruined im sorry

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Stuff no one told me when I started playing a zerk staff ele



  • You will die.
  • You will die A LOT.
  • You will die for you are ABSOLUTE AND ULTIMATE PAPER. Anything looks at you sideways and you’re done for.
  • You will die as soon as you get 6+ stacks of any damage dealing condition if you’re under 1/2 health because there is no way in hell you can attune to water, drop healing rain and/or geyser and cast Arcane Brilliance in time.
  • In 95% of the cases you can forget about any skill that is not a combo field or a combo field blaster.
  • You are now combo field central, congrats.
  • You will want to kiss whatever other ele in your party because they will fill up any rotation mishap you do.
  • Blast up their fields! Any fields! Fields! BOOM BBY.
  • Well not really, but it’s an extra blast of might everyone is expecting of you, NO PRESSURE.
  • You will ask yourself why you’re putting yourself through all this, really, when you could just play a zerk ranger and press 3 skills.
  • You will ultimately come to the conclusion that you love playing ele so fuck it.
  • Your Meteor shower’s damage, tho. HNNNGH.
  • Also Ice bow #4. LOL @ Graveling burrows U TRIED SO HARD AND GOT SO FAR LOLOLOL SUCK IT.
  • You will learn the whole bloody game, like every damn corner crevice of every bloody dungeon, all the timings of all the mobs, all conditions EVERYTHING OKAY. EVERYTHING.
  • image
  • And then you’ll become a dodge master. Eventually. Still working on that.
  • Stay strong. Don’t believe in you. Believe in me who believes in you. Or something.
  • image
  • This has been a post. o/

Zerk ele is awesome, d/f is also nice it has a bit more active defense :D

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you can’t not love the sylvari dance though. it’s so catchy.


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these are little stories that I have people do for me and I pick one to draw. was fun!

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for fun stuff over the summer

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  • Me: I want to see my OTP in this angsty situation
  • Me: *sees OTP in angsty situation*
  • Me: I don't even know what I was thinking this is terrible
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A handy guide of facial expressions you might experience whilst roleplaying.

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Halloween 2013 in Lion’s Arch.

Can we have this back, please? 

I miss Lion’s Arch. I miss hanging out there with my guild. I miss roleplaying by the leatherworking station and the Crow’s Nest. I miss picturing Nova being happy in that city because everything before it was anything but. 

I miss Lion’s Arch. 

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I - Investigations, Delaqua and Co. (credits: concept art by Jamie Ro, Naomi Baker, among others. All editing done by me.)

Delaqua Investigations is the private investigation and detective unit owned and run by Marjory Delaqua. Originally its only member, Marjory was contacted by Captain Logan Thackeray of the Seraph to look into the criminal activities that occurred at the Dragon Bash effigy lighting ceremony. Later, she was joined by one Kasmeer Meade; a noble woman stripped of her title and home due to her family’s debts. Needing a place to work, she joined forces with Marjory and the two became further involved in the events that shook Tyria. They eventually formed a romantic relationship, and live together.

While technically the only two ‘official’ members of Delaqua Investigations, the duo often work alongside a norn called Braham (Eirsson), a gladium charr known as Rox (previously Pickheart), and the asuran child prodigy Taimi. Both Rox and Taimi have assistants of their own. A white devourer known as Frostbite, and a golem called Scruffy. All three of these fellows became involved in the strange happenings of the past few years, each bringing with them their own complications, issues, and desires.

Together with Marjory and Kasmeer, the five (and their associates) helped bring down Scarlet Briar, with a great hero at their side. Their stories are not over however, and with the rising of Mordremoth they find their lives only growing more chaotic. 

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watermelontei answered: people hatin on legendaries

… … really? *casually swings Sunrise and puts on sunglasses DEAL WITH IT style*

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Other than the armour BS I’m seeing, is there some other garbage I’m missing or what? Someone fill me in?

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lmao what the fuck is that I’m sorry, I had to

Anyway! Since it’s leading up to my favorite Holiday (?) in game and I recently hit 200 followers, I thought I’d ‘celebrate’ both and have a giveaway to say thanks for sticking with me !

To be in with a chance of winning;
» It would be nice if you’re following me, old or new it doesn’t matter, you can unfollow at the end of the giveaway 
» One like and one reblog gives you two chances to win, please don’t reblog multiple times, I don’t want you to spam your followers :x (no giveaway blogs, please)
» You need to have your askbox open. The winner will have 48 hours to respond, if I hear nothing then another winner will be chosen.
» You must be willing to give me your in-game name if you win (the one with the numbers) so I can gift your prize from the gemstore

The prize ٩(๑❛ワ❛๑)و !! 

The winner will be able to choose between any of the ‘Halloween’ outfits from the gemstore; Mad King, Bloody Prince, Executioner, Witch or Raiment of the Lich (However, there is another outfit that was datamined that will probably be released on the 21st, if so, that will be an option too) 


Whatever items they want from the gemstore up to the amount of 700 gems (if there’s gems left over, I’ll convert it to gold and send it to you) 

I’ll also send some other fun stuff like minis/tonics/trick or treat bags/consumables

I think that’s all, good luck!! 

Edit; I FORGOT TO PUT AN END DATE jksdgjsdkfjg. Winner will be announced on the 31st

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logged in like, twice this month to RP the babies. 

worth it.

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Gw2 RP at it’s finest.

I snorted

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